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I find it very interesting that younger people want to know what they’re gonna look like when they grow old, and then they find an “app” that allegedly foists that horror show upon them. I’m now at the age when I don’t really NEED an app, or any imagination, to see what I’ll look like when old, ’cause that ship has already left the dock. Although it hasn’t reached the high seas yet.


You may be aware of a book, then a couple of movies, about a spectacularly gorgeous (fictional) young man named Dorian Gray. His portrait was painted, and Dorian bemoaned the fact that he would grow old and the portrait never would. Through some fluke that only addled authors can beget, the portrait instead grows old and hideous as Dorian lives the hedonistic lifestyle and stays young and purty.

I’ve no clue what the author’s motivations were in writing this, but for me, I instantly think of the many-many-MANY instances in Scripture that speak, not of age progression, but rather of sin progression in people’s lives (Ezra 9:6; Hosea 13:2; Revelation 18:5). Think about that for a moment -- how would YOU like to see a portrait that exhibits, in glorious psychedelic color, every-single-little-and-big-sin you’ve ever committed in your life. That would be an unbearable sight.
Now think of this -- this hideous “portrait” is what the Lord God sees when He looks down at every unrepentant sinner. Stew in that for a minute.
This is what the Lord Jesus Christ took upon Himself on the Cross, and nailed to the Cross (Colossians 2:14). He washed me from my sins in His own blood (Revelation 1:5). He did this so that, when God looks at me, a repentant, born-again believer, all He sees is His sin-cleansed child. When He looks at me, He sees the purity of His Son, Christ.
And it doesn’t stop there! The progression continues, in the form of holiness and sanctification. As I continue through my earthly life, any sins I commit, after confessing them to God, the blood of Jesus continues to cleanse me from all sin (1 John 1:7-9). And the purpose of all this is to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).
Father God, thank You for pointing out that it’s really not about me at all, about how pretty I look. It’s about You being glorified, about me making You look wonderful to others. What a merciful Savior You are, making me clean, keeping me clean, and making me Your child.


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