Wednesday, October 14, 2015


 Sometimes, growth spurts are a pain.  I’ve been the happy mama to many MANY kitties over my lifetime, most beginning from itsy-baby kittenhood.  They are able to cram their way into small boxes and tight spaces in furniture and cupboards.  But then, they spurt, and their entire bodies hang out with just the head in the space, wondering, “Why can’t I go in there anymore?”

I used to love it when a wee baby kitty would curl up in a tiny wad on my shoulder, its head on my neck.  Eventually, it would get too big for that, so it just curled onto my lap.  But even grown and huge, it still craved the cuddling.

I can identify with the issue of outgrowing things.  As a normal kid, I routinely outgrew my shoes and clothes, the type of books I read advanced from Nancy Drew to ... (well, I never outgrew that), and my desire for toys disintegrated.  And as many kids are prone to do, I grew up to be intensely independent. I didn’t want to hold my mother’s hand while crossing the street.  I had grown “too big” for that.  I rejected parental advice as I proceeded into adulthood, nor did I submit to “cuddling” anymore.

I’ve deduced that, in this particular way, cats are smarter than people.

Then came the day that God saved me.  From then on, I noticed that, in a good way, I outgrew certain old and gross attitudes and actions -- although sometimes very slowly.  I was surprised to find my old self in Scripture --  “… such were some of you” (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).  I was no longer as desirous of independence.  Instead, I preferred “cuddling” with my God, holding His hand as I walk through life with Him.  Why?  Because I came to understand that because He loves me, He comforts me just as He did the early Christians (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).  I know that He guards and protects me from now through eternity (Jude 24,25).

My Abba Father, how gracious You are to allow me, to encourage me, to come to You at any time for “cuddling,” direction, wisdom, and sometimes discipline.  My growth spurts are to come only from Your Word (1 Peter 2:2), never from any sense of self-righteousness.  I’ve outgrown many things in my life, but I will never outgrow You.


  1. if we are TRUE Christians, then we allow God to mold us and make us into the people that He wants us to be

  2. "I’ve outgrown many things in my life, but I will never outgrow You." Amen to that! I'm thankful I don't ever have to outgrow God.