Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I’ve spent the better part of 4 decades being manhandled by flailing blood sugar, a/k/a, hypoglycemia.  For me, the problem was exacerbated by what I was eating. Example: I would eat half a dozen glazed donuts. The result was soaring blood sugar, then crashing blood sugar. The end result was that I became twitchy, anxious, and so desperate for food that I would gladly shove anybody onto the floor who got between me and the refrigerator ... where the rest of the donuts lived ... and the cookies and cake and ice cream. Not a particularly pleasant, or intelligent, way to live. 

Long story short ... the Lord took matters into His own hands by showing me that THIS MUST STOP, and that I needed to do the dreaded DETOX. That’s right, I of the no-self-control tribe suddenly became able to cleanse myself of sugar, and by golly, I leveled out. I became able to eat real food, then stop. I found no pleasure in the daily crud-food circus anymore. I became able to coast through my days, not crash and twitch. What a miracle!
Lesson 1: There’s now an obvious difference between knowing that I’m hungry when my stomach tells me, and then to eat what’s good for me ... versus thinking that I’m hungry every time my blood sugar lies to me and convinces me I’m hungry for more junk.
I bet you’re waiting for a convoluted spiritual lesson here, aren’t you? Well, take a deep breath.
Lesson 2: If I depend on circumstances and feelings to tell me what I think is “true” ... I’m gonna crash and twitch through my days, and probably shove other people around. If I do not depend on the Solid Rock that is Christ, on the truth that is God’s Word, I will flail around and be totally confused and useless. I’m likely to be “driven and tossed, and unstable” if I don’t get my wisdom from God (James 1:5-8). If, however, I run my life according to what I KNOW is true from God’s Word (Job 19:25; Romans 8:28; 2 Corinthians 4:14; 1 John 5:20), I’m much more likely to “coast” through my days, being fruitful for Him.
Abba Father, I am so thankful that You use my everyday circumstances to drive home lessons that I so badly need to learn. I praise You for the wisdom and patience You exhibit towards me while I flail around independent from You, and how You lovingly draw me to Yourself when I need it. Which is almost every minute of every day. You are indeed a merciful Father!

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