Sunday, November 29, 2015


You know how it is when you bring home a fragile and shiny new baby?  Or in our case, it's more often a shiny new puppy or kitty.  The first thing you do is baby-proof the house.  Doesn't matter what it is, everything in the house is a potential disaster zone and you'll do everything possible to cover, soften, or replace any objects to keep your babe from doing harm to him/herself.  And sometimes, the thought creeps in, "how about encasing the babe in super-thick bubblewrap until adulthood?"  Even as a senior citizen, I consider wrapping myself in the bubbles because I'm still a klutz.

At any rate, while it's true that kids eventually understand that mom and dad are responsible for providing the obvious ... food, clothing, and housing ... kids are blissfully oblivious to everything else the folks do on a daily basis to ensure the kids' survival in the world.

I remember a long time ago, a very elderly lady at my church would occasionally ask me, "so what's the Lord been doing in your life this week?"  It's obvious in Scripture that He's responsible for my life and every breath (Acts 17:25), for every season (Genesis 8:22), for His great salvation (Titus 2:11).   But she wasn't asking me about the obvious, she was trying to spur me to think about the subtle ways He may be working. It's certainly good exercise for the soul.  And today, I read where God told Abimelech, "I also kept you from sinning against Me" (Genesis 20:6).

Just as children are unaware of how diligent parents work as their safety net, so am I oblivious to what my Father does on a daily basis for me by restraining me from the sin I could be indulging in.  I am so thankful that He did not give me over to my sinful self (Romans 1:24, 26, 28), but instead, has turned me to His glorious self.

There are not enough words to thank You, my gracious and merciful Father, for  being my "safety net" in ways I will never know.  And I am thankful that Your Spirit now prompts me to start each day by asking You to prevent me from sinning, not just against myself, but most importantly, against You.


  1. He's supposed to be part of our lives - not a piece of our lives