Saturday, April 2, 2016


Recently as I was strolling through the internet labyrinth, I learned that as many acronyms exist as there are stars in the universe. Most acronyms are way too technical for my wee brain, but I got my daily giggle from several, including:

DENIAL = Don’t Even Know I’m Lying
DIET = Did I Eat That?
MATH = Mental Abuse to Humans,
and my favorite:
AAAA = Association Against Acronym Abuse

That was entertaining, wasn’t it? However, I had a brain spasm recently because of a particular acronym on social media, one that I won’t repeat here, because I don’t want you to look it up and be grossed out. The cleaned-up version of that acronym is meant to tell people “do I look like I care about much of anything?” Apparently, it’s on a line of clothing and is considered to be “attitude” wear. From my vantage point, one might as well be wearing the "cat-with-bad-attitude" picture on one's shirt.  The individual who displayed this acronym on his site clarified by saying that he doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion of him, that he’s done what he wants his entire life, and that the only opinion he ever considers is his wife’s and God’s, and nobody else. And he solidified his lack of caring what people think by offering two more posts with foul language. Yes, this person professes to be a Christian.
I know this person, therefore I'm sure he wouldn’t take too kindly to being held accountable by another Christian. He wouldn’t want to hear about how God’s Word emphasizes believers’ attitudes towards one another are to be that of humility and encouragement. He wouldn’t enjoy reading the many verses emphasizing “wise in their own eyes” and haughtiness, and lack of listening to godly counsel is a gigantic hindrance in walking the Christian road. And he particularly wouldn’t like to hear that the Almighty God doesn’t have “opinions.” He is the “I Am” and His Word is truth. His commands are to be obeyed, not just “considered” and then tossed aside in favor of worldly desires.
And at this point, I must consider the speck/log issue. How many times have I myself behaved in a haughty, not humble, manner towards others, not taken godly advice, or glossed over God’s commands? Probably more than I would care to admit. Sticking one's tongue out at God is, at the very least, inconsiderate.  So this acronym issue was a good wakeup call. And I’ve found many other acronyms that display a more profitable “attitude” to wear on my clothes, and treasure in my heart:

ACTS = Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, Supplication
ALONE = Always Leading Others Near Eternity
BREAD = Bible Reveals Every Answer Daily
CHRIST = Compassionate Humble Redeemer Immortal Servant Truthful
GRACE = God Really Covers Everything

My Father, I am so thankful to You for pointing out the importance of evaluating my potential behavior by asking myself, and You, if what I’m about to do will glorify You, or give You a “brain spasm.” Will it veer me off the road I’m walking with You? Will it help or impede, or gross out, other believers if they see what I do? Father, You are so very patient with me, and Your Word is so sufficient, that I want You to be the first Counselor I seek. And if You choose to mediate Your love and advice through other believers, give me the humbleness of heart to listen to them. 


  1. This was a very good post. Maybe we as Christians should start wearing more of these profitable attitudes on our clothes. Thanks for posting.

  2. I'm working on the first set of acronyms - the "ACTS" one :)

  3. ACTS and ALONE are the two I am working on. I love how you so openly took this opportunity to evaluate you! Way to lead, my friend!!