Thursday, March 3, 2016


In my humble opinion, this is the proper way to walk a pup -- in the seasonally glorious woods, with fresh air, chirping birds, bubbling brooks, Bambi, munchkins, and most important, convenient benches for tired old people with hyperactive pups, all of whom require copious amounts of sugar-saturated energy snacks.

As opposed to ... traipsing down the sidewalk on our boulevard where people in wannabe racecars shoot off the nearby highway, spasming along at warp speed, tossing out bottles of who-knows-what (although I do) which shatter all over driveways and sidewalks. ’Tis certainly a different type of exercise for us, less like sauntering, more like frantic hopscotching, avoiding spiked and splintery shards scattered about, capable of shredding even the thickest of athletic shoes, and certainly delicate wee puppy paws.
Upon consideration, is anyone’s life really like the Bambi-walk through the woods? Nah. Most people’s lives, occasionally or frequently, resemble the hopscotch through the city’s shards. Not to sound cheerless, but diligence is necessary in maneuvering through life. And when we insist on powering through on our own wisdom, well, things can get messy really fast. At least that’s been true in my own life. More than once. Slowwwww learner.
What’s my point? Well, as I’m walking our little Minnie pup through the obstacle-shard-course, from my tall long-legged human vantage point, I have a pretty good view of the surrounding area. Short-legged puppy’s vantage point is spectacularly limited, and she could care less about danger. Her goal in life is to smell every blade of grass and pee on it. 
So here’s my point -- it’s my job to maneuver her safely through her walk, by guiding and sometimes pulling her away from the shards aiming to cause her harm. I want her to pay more attention to me than she does to peeing on things. Does Minnie WANT to be guided by me? No, she wants to do her thing, when and how she wants to do it. Does that behavior sound familiar? Yes, and I’m ashamed of myself. Because even at my somewhat advanced age, I still find myself lurching away from the guidance of the Holy Spirit, demanding to do things my own way, because hey! I’m gonna do what I want. That’s what happens when I forget the velvety admonition that “pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling” (Proverbs 16:18).
My all-seeing and all-knowing God, forgive me for refusing to stop and consider that You see things that I cannot, things that You desire to guide me through and around, so that I’m not hurt. No doubt You’ll take me places I’d rather not go for my good and Your glory, but please cause me to pay more attention to You than on my sensory miscalculations. Remind me as often as necessary in Your Word how much you un-love pride and self-sufficiency, and how much You really love humility of heart and trust in You (Proverbs 3:5-6). I am full of praise as You lead me to become less selfish and more faithful as You walk me through the rest of my life.


  1. God is ultimately in charge of it all

  2. I do think of either pets or babies and their relationship with their owners when I think of people and God sometimes! Pets or babies just do what they want to do, regardless of how dangerous or silly it is. God knows what is best for us even when we don't agree and loves us so much that he doesn't always let us have our way!

  3. Being a mother, I see the same kinds of things all the time. Today my daughter didn't want to run past a wasp. She panicked and refused to listen to me. When I finally got her inside, I had to remind her that she obeys because she trusts that I would never tell her to do something that would hurt her. And God asks us to trust Him too. Good lessons from God can come from all walks!

  4. Such a perfect illustration of our relationship with God, Peggy. He only wants the very best for us. Yet we can not see all of the many ways he protects us.